Three Ways In Which You Can Get Skin Diseases From Your Pets

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Did you know that you can pick up skin diseases from your pets? These diseases spread in different ways, which you should know so as to prevent the disease. For example, your beloved dogs or cats can make your skin unhealthy via the following:

Biting or Scratching

One of the easiest ways of getting skin diseases from animals is when they scratch or bite you. For example, you can pick up an MRSA infection from a dog that has the bacterium when it bites or scratches you and passes the bacteria to you through the open skin. The disease starts out like small pimples, sores or boils, and it can be very dangerous if not promptly treated.

Prevent this condition by:

  • Teaching your pets not to bite or scratch
  • Not playing with strange pets
  • Washing shallow bite marks (from a known dog) with soap and water
  • Seeing your doctor for deep wounds (even from known animals) and shallow bites from strange dogs

Skin/Hair Contact

You don't have to experience a bite or scratch to get a skin disease from an animal; something as simple as touching the dog or cat may also be dangerous. Of course, this only applies if the animal is infected. A good example is ringworm, which isn't actually caused by worms, but by fungus.

Avoid contact diseases by doing the following:

  • Vaccinating your animal appropriately
  • Taking the pet to the vet when you notice suspicious symptoms such as patches of missing hair on the animal's skin
  • Staying away from infected animals

Bugs and Microorganisms they Deposit in Your House

Did you know that you can get skin diseases from your beloved pets even if they don't bite you and you don't touch them? Don't forget that animals pick up many different fungi, bacteria, and bugs as they play around the yard or in the street. When they come back to your house, they can leave these things on the floor, sofa or bed.

You may get sick when you touch the same surfaces or when your kid puts the contaminated objects into his or her mouth.  An example is cheyletiellosis, a disease caused by mites that pets can bring to your house. Cheyletiellosis will give you rashes on your arms, trunk and buttocks.

The best ways of preventing such contamination involve the following:

  • Washing the pets with appropriate shampoos regularly
  • Washing your pet's bedding
  • Giving the pet preventing medication, if available  
  • Not allowing strange animals into your house without a vet's inspection first

The more care you take to keep your pet healthy, the more you are likely to be healthy too. Don't forget that skin diseases can easily spread from person to person, if you pick them from your pets, then you are likely to pass them to other members of your household. Always seek medical attention for any strange changes in your skin. For more information, contact a local dermatologist.


10 February 2015

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