3 Tips For Getting Your Baby To Wear Their Eyeglasses

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If you find out that your baby has poor vision and needs eyeglasses, you may find yourself wondering how you are going to get them to keep them on. However, you know how important it is for their development to be able to see the world around them clearly, so it is your goal to do everything you can to get them to wear their eyeglasses as much as possible. This article will discuss 3 tips for getting your baby to wear their eyeglasses.

Purchase A Pair With A Band

If your baby is like most babies, they will  probably want to pull everything off of their face the second that you put it on. This is going to be especially true if they aren't used to having it there. A good way to stop your baby from pulling their glasses right off, is to purchase a stretchy band that attaches securely to both ends of the glasses. This band will fit snugly around the back of their head, and will keep the glasses in place. Your baby will not be able to pull their glasses off very easily when this band is in place, and at the very least it will allow them to keep the glasses on long enough to see out of them.

Have Them Wear Them For Short Periods Of Time

Since your child will not likely transition well from never wearing glasses to wearing them all of the time, it is a good idea to start out with small segments of time where you have them wear their glasses. This allows them to get used to the glasses without bombarding them. Each day you can add a little bit more time to these segments, and eventually they will be wearing them all day. 

Reward Them

If your baby is old enough to understand the concept of an award, then you can reward them whenever they keep their glasses on. You can place the glasses on their face, and give them a toy or treat, and praise them. As soon as they pull them off, you can gently tell them no, and begin the process again. Overtime, your baby will come likely come to understand that they get a reward as long as they keep the glasses on and get disciplined when they take them off. Your baby may even learn to just keep the glasses on because they simply like how the can see clearly when they are on their face. Talk to experts like Cohen's Fashion Optical for more information.


12 March 2015

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