5 Questions To Have Answered Before Getting Juvederm

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Being able to look your best is typically on the mind of most people. One way to do this is to get rid of wrinkles and work to look as young as you possibly can. One method to assist you with achieving this goal is by getting Juvederm. Knowing certain things before you invest in this process may be helpful to you.

Question #1: What is Juvaderm?

This is a cosmetic treatment that is typically performed by a dermatologist or plastic surgeon that works to reduce wrinkles and deep folds in the skin. This is done by using an injectable filler to help smooth the skin and fill in deep wrinkles.

Question #2: What can you expect?

Juvederm has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration to help you reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This process can be performed by a dermatologist, and you may require several treatments before you will begin to see the full effects.

For some patients, the results may be seen immediately, and others have reported it taking up to five days to see the full benefits. Each will vary in the amount of time it takes to see the positive results of Juvederm.

Question #3: Are there any risks to this procedure?

You may want to know what the downside to getting Juvederm is and if it's common to any experience any unwanted side effects. It is also likely that you may experience some bruising or swelling immediately after this treatment. However, this typically doesn't last long at all for most people.

Question #4: What is the cost of Juvederm?

One of the first things you may be interested in knowing is the cost of Juvederm. It's estimated the average cost of a single treatment is $527. Since this is a cosmetic procedure, it's unlikely that your insurance will pay for getting this done.

Question #5: Are any preparations necessary?

You should avoid having any alcohol before getting Juvederm. This could cause you to have more swelling that you may have without indulging in any type of alcoholic beverages. Additionally, there are certain medications that shouldn't be taken before getting Juvederm completed.

Take the time to discuss with plastic surgery experts like the ones at Hass Plastic Surgery for other ways that can help decrease the possibility of any other negative side effects that could occur when getting this procedure completed.

Feelin good about yourself is important to help you get the most out of life. The key to accomplishing this goal may be by investing some time and money into getting Juvederm. Be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about how this can help you and to discuss any questions that you may have in the process.


21 May 2015

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