4 Simple Ways To Prevent Or Ease Neck Pain

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Neck pain is a common problem that has many underlying causes. In many cases, neck pain can be reduced or eliminated by changing the way you sit or sleep.

Stop Hunching Over

A major cause of neck pain is the improper use of electronic devices. You may spend countless hours hunched over your keyboard or mobile device, which places strain on your neck due to the unnatural position. Make sure your monitor is at eye-level. A quick fix is to use a large stack of heavy books to bring your computer monitor up to eye-level.

If you are using a laptop, consider purchasing a secondary monitor so you can adjust the height of your monitor independently of your laptop. Move programs or files over to the secondary monitor if you need to look at them for long periods. When you are using a mobile device, hold the device at eye level, instead of hunching over to view the screen.  

Sleep With Support

Traditional pillows offer little to no neck support. Consider purchasing pillows with special grooves to cradle your head and neck. These pillows are usually made with memory foam or other materials that conform to your unique contours. A good, supportive pillow can prevent you from waking up with neck pain. If you have chronic pain in your neck, changing your pillow is necessary to prevent worsening of your current neck problems. Although soft and fluffy pillows seem comfortable, it is better to use pillows with firm support since they will not lose their shape as quickly.

Use Chairs With Neck Support

Invest in desk chairs with high backs and adequate neck support, especially ergonomically designed chairs. This will encourage you to have better posture and can alleviate neck pain over time. Recliners are a good option to have in your living room or bedroom for leisure time. If you often sit on the couch or in bed and read or watch television, use a bed rest pillow for extra support. When you are sitting up in bed, place your bed pillows above your bed rest pillow to help cradle your head and neck.

Incorporate Heat Therapy

Consider purchasing a microwaveable neck pillow you can use around the house or at work. These pillows usually have inserts filled with beans, rice, or other material that can be heated in the microwave and inserted back into the pillow. The heat combined the support of the neck pillow will help loosen tense neck muscles while reminding you to keep your neck in the appropriate position.

If you still have issues even with these tips, you may need to consult with a physical therapist, like Mormile Physical TherapyHowever, poor posture is often the underlying culprit of neck pain. Simple modifications to the way you sit or sleep can absolve many instances of neck pain and help you retrain yourself to have better posture.


4 November 2015

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