Benefits Of Reconditioned Stair Lift Chairs

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Going up and down stairs is something many people take for granted. But for people who are chronically ill, have limited mobility, vision or balance problems, or another disability, stairs can be a huge problem. While a stair chair lifts offers the advantages of mobility, safety, and independence, it won't help if you can't afford to buy one new. In that case, you may want to consider the benefits of purchasing a reconditioned stair lift chair.

Lower Cost

Many medical suppliers sell reconditioned stair lift chairs that were used as demo units in medical equipment stores or at trade shows. Since the lifts were only gently used, they still have lots of mileage left in them.

If you've suffered a serious injury or are recovering from surgery or a long-term illness that leaves you weak or temporarily disabled, you may not want to invest more money in a lift chair that you won't need in the future. Yet you want a chair lift that is safe and durable for the time you do need it.

Like new stair lift chairs, there is no one price for a reconditioned stair lift. Cost varies depending on the type of lift you buy, the number of stairs, installation cost, and whether your home has the appropriate electrical wiring.

Safety Inspections

Since some medical equipment companies buy back stair lift chairs that individuals no longer need, professional service technicians inspect the used lifts before they are resold. Lifts are disassembled to make certain that the safety and quality of the equipment is good. Any worn or damaged parts are replaced so that the stair lift operates like new. The lifts are cleaned and lubricated before they are reassembled. In the end, you get the same performance you would with a new stair lift but at lower cost.

New or used, a stair chair lift allows you to climb and descend stairs more safely. Most chair lifts are designed with seat belts and sensors that stop the chair from moving if something gets in the way.

Service Warranty

Although the manufacturer's warranty may no longer be available on a used stair lift chair, reliable medical equipment suppliers generally offer service warranties on reconditioned lift chairs. Some suppliers offer a limited parts warranty as well.

Environmentally Friendly

Not only are fully reburbished stair lift chairs more affordable, they are environmentally friendly. Straight chair lift rails can be recycled from one home and installed on the staircase of another home. Licensed technicians first test the rails for quality and safety before putting stair lifts back into service. Even if you have a curved staircase that requires a custom-fitted track, you can still save money with a reconditioned chair.


25 January 2016

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