Low Impact Cardio Workouts For People With Bad Knees

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If you're someone who suffers from knee pain, then you understand how difficult it can be to get in a good cardio workout. Running or jogging is out of the question because the repeated pounding sends shockwaves up to your knee. This might seem discouraging because jogging is often mentioned when discussing cardiovascular health. However, there are plenty of other exercises that will provide excellent cardiovascular benefits without stressing out your knee. Below is a list of alternatives to jogging and running.


At first glance you might not think that yoga provides a great cardio workout, but it does. There have been scientific studies that show it is also great for reducing cholesterol and high blood pressure. Don't feel intimidated if you are not flexible and don't think you can contort yourself into the extreme positions you might associate with yoga. There are classes designed for beginners, which is where you should start. The stretches and poses are completely low impact. Consider visiting a location like North Valley Medical and Yoga Center, or another center, to get started.


If you're not the type that wants to take a class, then think about swimming. Swimming is the ultimate no resistance workout. It is so popular with doctors and rehab specialists that many people who undergo rehab therapy have water aerobics included in their regimen. Being in the water eliminates any potential chance for impact, so it is perfect if your knee is a problem.


If you like the idea of yoga, but want some resistance involved in your workout, then check out a pilates class. It is similar to yoga in that there are stretches and mat work. The poses are generally held for less time than in a yoga class. Also, pilates classes will sometimes have exercise equipment that will be used to provide additional resistance.


If you're looking for an outdoor workout that is low impact, then look to cycling. This is a great way to get outdoors and get a great cardio workout without having to put stress on your knees. Bike riding will get your heart rate up and also workout your leg muscles. Just be careful about what type of riding. Some mountain biking trails will have rough spots which can send shocks up through the bike and stress out your knees.

Elliptical Machines

If you like the idea of a treadmill, but don't want the impact, then consider using an elliptical machine. These are great because they are designed to eliminate impact. Your feet stay stationary on large peddles which move back and forth. The movement is designed to mimic running, except there is no stress on the joints and a reduction of stress on tendons. Most large gyms will have these machines.


10 February 2016

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