Three Things To Know About Getting A DNA Test Done

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When someone claims that you fathered their child, it is important to make sure that the baby is yours before signing the birth certificate. There are some states that require you to pay child support for the child after you sign the birth certificate even if the baby is proven not to be yours later on down the road. The following guide walks you through a few things to know about using DNA sequencing to prove that you have or have not fathered a child:

DNA Sequencing Will Not Hurt Your Child

Some people are leery about getting a DNA test done on their child because they are fearful that their baby will be hurt when doing the test. The DNA samples that are taken will not hurt your baby at all. Swabs can be taken from the inside of their cheek with a cotton swab so that they do not feel any pain at all.

DNA Sequencing Needs the Mothers Approval to be Done Immediately

In order for the DNA test to be done immediately in the hospital, the mother of the child must agree to the testing. Samples from the baby cannot be taken without the mother's permission. If the mother of the child does not agree to the DNA testing, you will need to go to the local court system and file for the test. A judge will then order the mother to allow the test to be done. This could cause issues within the relationship between you and the child's mother so you may want to discuss that you want to get the test done well before the baby is born.

DNA Testing Results Do Not Take Long

The timeline for results from the test can vary from lab to lab. Most people are able to get their test results back in less than a week. The test results will be printed out for you so that you can have a physical copy of the results to take with you when you go to court to establish a custody order or to prove that you are not the father when the mother tries to get you to pay child support for the child.

Many men unnecessarily pay child support for children that are not theirs for years. Taking the time to get a DNA test done can save you a lot of heartache and money in the long run. Contact a company that offers next-gen sequencing for infectious diseases and microbes for more information.


17 October 2017

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