4 Tips For Recovering From An Abortion

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One of the scariest times in life may be when you're faced with getting an abortion. This is sure to bring about a lot of emotional and physical challenges into your life.  One thing you will want to do is to get back to feeling like yourself and enjoy your healthy life as soon as possible. Knowing some specific tips that may enable you to make this happen are likely to be ideal for you.

Tip #1: Avoid sex

One thing you will want to do is stop having sex for several days. Of course, the exact amount of time will depend on your situation and your medical provider can let you know when you can resume sexual activity.

Tip #2: Start birth control

It's a great idea to get started on birth control right after the abortion. This will be extremely helpful for you to avoid getting pregnant again because doing so is usually more likely to happen after you were just with child.

There is a variety of contraceptives you can choose from; just speak to your gynecologist about the right one to suit your needs.

Tip #3: Use sanitary pads

The key to preventing any infection or another medical condition from occurring will rest in using hygienic pads rather than tampons. Doing this one thing is in your best health interest and is sure to be something that is easy to accomplish.

Tip #4: Don't exercise

It's in your best interest to remain inactive for a certain amount of time. You don't want to do any strenuous exercise for several days after having this type of procedure.

It's possible you could start bleeding if you begin to get too active once the abortion has been completed because it will take the right amount of time for your body to heal.

Tip #5: Expect leaking breasts

You may notice even after the abortion that your breasts continue to leak. While this may be concerning to you, it's a good idea to remember this is usually normal after an abortion and will eventually clear up on its own time.

Doing all you can to feel your best after having something as serious as an abortion done is sure to be beneficial to your long-term well-being. For more information or advice about recovery or if you have more questions and concerns, you contact a center such as Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center.


11 January 2018

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