What You Should Know About CBG Oil Before You Try

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With the rise in legally available medical marijuana options, interest in products based on CBG oil has grown significantly in recent years. Not surprisingly, there's a lot of questionable information surrounding what you should try. By learning a little about CBG oil, you can make more informed choices about what you'll be putting into your body.

Know These Letters

There are three acronyms you need to know before you dive into the market. These are THC, CBG and CBD. All three represent very different choices. Each is a different class of cannabinoids, and you should be aware of the implications before picking one to treat any condition.

THC is what's most commonly thought of as the active agreement in traditional marijuana. Its dopamine-stimulating qualities are tied to its reputation for habit formation and relaxation, and it's considered a psychoactive substance. CBD is the second-most common of the cannabinoids, and its low psychoactive function is used to treat everything from spasms to chronic pain.

CBG, the common styling for cannabigerol, is suspected to be a precursor of both THC and CBD. It's found in much lower concentrations in naturally occurring marijuana plants, but improvements in breeding have made it more readily available. CBG can inhibit the uptake of gamma-Aminobutyric acid, GABA, a neurotransmitter typically associated with excitability.

What CBG Treats

The list of conditions that might be treated with CBG oil is impressive, including symptoms related to inflammatory bowel disease, muscle wasting and bladder contractions. Studies have also shown promise in protecting the neurons of patients who have Huntingdon's disease. CBG even has antibacterial qualities, making it an appealing option for folks with skin infections to explore. It may even help deal with troubles caused by resistant strains of bacteria, such as MRSA.

How CBG Works

Cannabinoids occur naturally in the human body, but they're also prone to a degree of imbalance just like blood sugar or iron levels. In many instances, the goal is to restore these levels to balance.

Use in Oil

Placing pure CBG in a suspension makes it easier to control dosing, with one- to 13-percent doses being the norm. Using an oil also allows for delivery by mouth or skin application. It permits manufacturers to quickly use spectral analysis to ensure that their products do not contain any psychoactive chemicals, such as THC. Suspensions commonly used include grape seed oil and hemp seed extract.

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30 June 2018

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