Could Your Knee Injury Be Serious? 3 Signs You Need to See an Injury Doctor Immediately

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Injuries are a common occurrence for athletes and those who participate in other sports. Typically athletes get training on the stretches and the warm-up exercises they should do to prepare their joints, muscles, and ligaments for exercise. However, it is still possible to get hurt when you perform the same movements repetitively or when you overstretch yourself. Even if the muscle and ligament injuries you sustain seem minor, they may deteriorate and cause other severe health issues if you don't see an injury doctor.

Injuries cause a lot of pain, and they also limit your mobility. If you have been dealing with chronic pain from an injury, and it has limited your movement, consider seeing an injury doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Here are three major signs that you need to see a professional for a knee injury treatment.

1. You Have a Worsening Swelling

It is common for an injury to retain fluid because it's the body's way of responding. When your tissue gets torn in an injury, the inflammatory response kicks in. The body sends blood, platelets, and antibodies to the injury site to help repair the damage. 

Your body also releases histamine, which leads to swelling. You can try to use an ice pack to minimize swelling and it will usually down within a couple of hours. However, if the swelling balloons up soon after the injury, it means that the tissue damage is substantial and that you need medical attention. 

2. You Hear a Popping Sound

Hearing a popping sound after an injury is another sign that you might have a torn ligament. The knee contains a ligament known as the anterior cruciate ligament. This ligament is the one that tears with a pop sound during a knee injury. It can happen after a sudden jump or after an impact during football.

The popping sound is a sign that you need to see an injury doctor immediately. The typical treatment involves taking tendon tissue from another part of the knee and using it to repair the torn one. 

3. The Knee Starts Buckling Under Pressure

Another sign that your knee might have suffered damage is when it starts buckling under pressure. Additionally, you might feel pain when you step with the knee. The doctor will diagnose the problem and offer the best treatment.

Other problems that might require you to see an injury doctor include a locked knee and the inability to extend the knee fully. Get the best treatment from a trained doctor for fast recovery and fewer complications. 


21 December 2020

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