3 Reasons Gummies Are Perfect For First-Time CBD Users

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CBD has become really common over the past few years. But if you are someone who has not started using CBD yet, then you may be a little overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. Should you reach for a tincture? Should you start vaping? Maybe eventually, but when you're brand new, the best way to start is often with CBD gummies. Here's why gummies are a good choice for new CBD users.

They taste good

The natural taste of CBD can take some getting used to. Most people do not really like it, at least at first, although they get used to it over time. CBD has a herby, grass-like flavor. This flavor is really distinct in oil and CBD tinctures, which may make these products less enjoyable to use as a new user. In gummies, however, the CBD flavor is pretty well masked. You will taste a little bit of it, but you'll mostly taste the sweet fruit flavors of the gummies. After taking the gummies for a while, you'll adapt to this flavor, and then it will be easier for you to take oil and tinctures later on.

They're easy to dose

Many forms of CBD are tough to dose. It's tough to know how much you are inhaling through a vape. And when using oil or tinctures, it can be hard to know how large the drops are or how many you need to take. With gummies, though, you know exactly how much is in each gummy. For instance, you might buy gummies that contain 10 mg of CBD each, or 25 mg of CBD each. This makes it easy to keep track of your dose, which you need to know when you're new to CBD. (Dosage needs vary from person to person.)

They're discrete

You may have some people in your life who aren't very positive about CBD or who you don't want knowing that you take CBD. Gummies are discrete. You can pop one in your mouth while you're at your desk, at a restaurant with friends, or even just sitting on the couch, and nobody will realize you're not just eating candy. You can tell people you're using CBD when you're comfortable doing so, rather than them finding out by observing you.

Gummies are a great CBD option for many users, but especially for those who are new to using CBD. Consider buying them your first time around. To learn more about CBD gummies, check out a local CBD shop.


3 May 2021

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