Do You Need A Health Screening System In Your Office?

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If your growing medical practice is thriving and doing well in the community, you may bring on additional patients to keep your practice going. However, if some of your new patients carry viruses and other infectious conditions, they may potentially bring those pathogens into your office. You can protect your medical practice, patients, and staff with a health screening system. Learn how health screening systems work and why you need a system in your medical practice below.

Are Health Screening Systems Effective?

You may already have some type of health screening system in place within your medical practice. You may use the system to update your patients' medical histories, personal information, and addresses. Although there's nothing wrong with your current health screening system, it may not be enough to protect your staff and patients from infectious diseases. 

If your current health system screener is old, it may not be updated with today's information. Your screener may not contain questions or prompts that ask patients about their current health status. Your patients may not think to reveal information about their current health unless you require them to do so.

Today's health screening systems not only allow patients to safely update their health and personal information at your office or patient kiosk, but patients can also access their accounts online or at home as well. Patients who need to isolate due to illness may be able to keep you updated about their health through your online health screening system. You can use the information to schedule appointments throughout the year.

If you're ready to implement a new health screening system in your medical practice, consult a medical specialist today.

How Do You Set Up Your Health Screening System?

Before you implement a new health screening system in your medical practice, take time to back up your patients' files. It's a good idea to keep multiple copies of your patients' files in your medical practice. After you back up your patients' files, a medical specialist will set up your new medical screening system.

You should be able to integrate the new system with your computer systems without any issues. However, you may need to update your computers with better firewalls and other security measures prior to the transfer. If your computer system uses an outdated security system, a specialist will tell you so immediately. 

You should be able to use your new health screening system immediately after a specialist installs it on your computers. 

Learn how you can update your patients' information with a new health screening system by contacting a specialist today.


7 September 2021

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