Tips To Help You Select The Right Group Exercise Class

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Group exercise classes are a great way to join in with others who share your interest in exercise and health and to also keep your motivation level during the scheduled classes. Here are some recommendations to evaluate when you are looking for a group exercise class to participate in.

Evaluate Your Interests

When you plan to put time into getting into shape, it is always helpful that you enjoy the activity that you are doing within the exercise class. There are a number of exercise classes that you can take with a variety of methods in their activity and level. There are classes that incorporate dance moves into your exercise, such as a hip hop or ballet dance class. Or, if you want to take to the water with a water aerobics or water polo class, you can find one that matches your interests. 

Other types of group exercise classes can incorporate weights, utilize Pilates or yoga, or focus on working a few specific muscle groups. You might want to try out a spinning class on a stationary bike or a Zumba class to mix up your workouts.

Make sure the activities in the exercise class are going to boost your energy and excite you in order to keep you energized and interested. If, for example, the class is a circuit training, you might find that you get bored of completing the same exercises, so evaluate if it is going to keep your interest for you to return each day for the class. 

Look at Class Location and Size

Another consideration in selecting a great group exercise class is to make sure the class is located in a convenient location for you to get to each day. If, for example, you have to drive across town after work through rush hour traffic, you may not be too excited to return regularly. However, if you can find a class that is in the early or late morning and is within a short drive of your home or work, this will make it easier to commit to the schedule and regular workouts. 

The size of the class can also be a factor in your enjoyment of the participation. Some classes are small and some are huge with many participants. The size of class may have a different effect on you based on your preference. If, for example, you enjoy large classes where there are a lot of other participants to get you energized and excited about the workouts, look for one that is on the large side. However, if you like a smaller class setting and want to get to know each person in the class and the instructor, seek out smaller-sized classes.

If you are interested in participating in a group exercise class, contact a fitness center near you. 


10 January 2022

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