Reasons To Schedule An Allergy Test

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According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, approximately 50 million American experience the symptoms of allergies at some point throughout the year. Whether it is sneezing, coughing, stomach aches, or intestinal distress, depending upon the type of allergic reaction, you can have a variety of different symptoms. Here are a few signs that you should see an allergist for allergy testing.

Your Allergies Are Beginning to Impact Your Quality of Life

For most people, allergies are a nuisance and are easily controlled with over-the-counter medications or by avoiding certain allergens. For example, if you have a milk allergy, you stay away from foods that contain milk products. However, if the method you once used to control your allergies is no longer working, or if you are not able to work, enjoy time with your family, or simply enjoy your life, it is time to have an allergy test. The allergist can perform the test and based upon the results, provide you with an allergy profile. This profile is key to helping you understand the severity of your allergic reaction and creating a treatment plan.

You Have Had a Severe Reaction to Food or Beverages

From milk products and eggs to certain types of nuts and shellfish, there are several different types of foods and beverages that can cause an allergic reaction. In many instances, the allergic reaction is minor and can result in an upset stomach, mild diarrhea, or nausea. For severe allergy sufferers, the reaction can be very severe, and even life-threatening. If you are consistently suffering from minor reactions to certain foods, visiting an allergist is a great way to determine which types of foods you should avoid. In cases when an accidental exposure can lead to a severe reaction, you might need something called an epinephrine injection. This injection comes in the form of a pen typically and can be used when a sufferer is experiencing shortness of breath and severe swelling.

You Are Staying Away From Allergens That Would Normally Cause an Allergic Reaction

If you have had an allergy test in the past, chances are you are doing everything you can to avoid those allergens, and if you are exposed, you follow your doctor's orders to help you find relief. However, despite your best efforts, you might still be experiencing symptoms of allergies, even if you are strictly avoiding certain allergens. The cause might be that your allergies are becoming more severe or that you have developed a new allergy to a different type of allergen.

From new and worsening allergy symptoms to your allergy symptoms impacting your quality of life, there are several reasons you should look into allergy testing


11 April 2022

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