Can Lymphatic Drainage Massage Benefit You?


The body's lymphatic system plays an important role in keeping people healthy. Your lymph nodes help to filter toxins out of the body by circulating lymph fluid, which carries dead bacteria and other waste products away from your tissues and into organs where it can be filtered. However, sometimes infections, illnesses, and even medical treatments can cause lymph fluid to become trapped in the body. This can lead to pain and swelling called lymphedema. Fortunately, lymphedema can be resolved using lymphatic drainage massage.

These four facts about lymphatic drainage massage can help you decide if this massage technique can benefit you.

1. Lymphatic massage can decrease swelling in your limbs

Trapped lymph fluid can cause your arms and legs to swell. Swelling can cause pain as it puts pressure on tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Lymphatic drainage massage can decrease swelling by manually moving lymph fluid out of your tissues and into your lymph nodes. Lymphatic massage is performed by first loosening lymph fluid from the tissues, so it can be cleared by the body. Next, fluid stroking motions are used to encourage lymph to flow toward the nearest lymph nodes so it can be excreted safely.

2. Lymphatic massage can help your body reabsorb lymph fluid

Lymph fluid can cause problems when it becomes trapped in places where it shouldn't. However, it's actually an important part of your body and immune system. The techniques used in lymphatic massage do not destroy lymph fluid but rather help it flow more efficiently. This allows your body to reabsorb lymph fluid and perform its important tasks related to immune function.

3. Lymphatic massage can be performed at home

Professional massage therapists can offer lymphatic drainage massage to patients. However, you may desire additional relief between regularly scheduled massage sessions. Doctors and massage therapists can train patients to perform lymphatic massages on themselves. Unlike other massage techniques that require heavy pressure, lymphatic massage uses light, gentle strokes to loosen lymph fluid and work it through the body. This means that even people with arthritis, cancer, and other ailments that cause weakness can likely perform lymphatic massages on themselves.

4. Lymphatic massage can reduce pain and discomfort

Finally, lymphatic massage can provide relief from the pain associated with inflammation. Many conditions cause inflammation, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and side effects from cancer treatment. Lymphatic drainage massage can reduce swelling without the need for NSAIDs and other pain medications that can place additional strain on the kidneys, liver, and stomach.


22 August 2022

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