4 Questions About Custom Orthotics

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Do you have an issue with your feet that requires the use of a custom orthotic? If so, you likely have some questions about this special insert for your shoe that you are about to have made. 

How Is A Custom Orthotic Shaped To Your Unique Foot?

The process of making a custom orthotic involves making a mold of your foot, and it can be done in a couple of ways. A popular method involves using a foam box to create a mold of your foot. You will gently place your feet into the box so that an impression can be made of the exact shape of your foot. This is then used to create the custom orthotic so that it matches your foot perfectly. Other methods include creating a plaster cast or using digital imaging to scan your foot.

What Material Is The Custom Orthotic Made Out Of?

Many orthotics are made out of polypropylene, which is a thermal molded plastic that can flex. It helps hold the arch of your foot up, all while still having enough flexibility so that it doesn't feel like you're standing on hard plastic. A material is placed on the bottom of the orthotic so that it grips the bottom of your shoe and doesn't move around. Posts can also be placed into an orthotic for people that have a high arch and need additional support in that area. 

Does The Custom Orthotic Fit Any Shoe? 

It's common for custom orthotics to work in similar-style shoes. This means that an orthotic that slides into a sneaker is going to work well in boots. However, the same orthotic may have trouble working in a sandals-style shoe, which will require a different type of orthotic. You may want to have the custom orthotic made for the type of shoes that you wear most often because of the compatibility of the orthotic. 

How Long Do Custom Orthotics Last?

A custom orthotic is not going to last forever, just like the normal inserts of your shoes, they can wear down over time after repeatedly using them. That said, you can expect a custom orthotic to last for years rather than months, with the exact amount of time being based on how you use them. Someone that uses a custom orthotic for running and sports may have it wear out faster than someone that uses it for walking.

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24 October 2022

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