Choosing Motivational Blogs For Major Weight Loss

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Any weight loss blog that provides factual and inspirational information can be critical for helping you on your weight loss journey. When you have substantial weight to lose, you may find being more critical of the blogs you follow is more likely to lead to long-term results.

Look For Similar Starting Points

A major advantage of the internet is that you have the opportunity to follow real people who have faced major weight struggles. Of course, any fitness guru can tell you what to eat and the exercises to do, but there is something special about gaining information from someone who has been in your shoes. Generally, people who had a significant weight loss and kept the pounds off started slowly and made consistent changes in their life. If you are lucky, you may find blogs from people who chronicled their journey from the beginning, including any setbacks. This candid perspective on weight loss can help you see that, even if you struggle in the beginning, you can reach your goals.

Use Well-Rounded Nutrition Blogs

Unless you already have specific dietary restrictions or lifestyles, steer clear of blogs that provide nutrition information based on severely restricted ways of eating. This does not imply more rigid dietary plans are always bad, but the ultimate goal in the beginning is finding a healthier way of eating that helps you lose weight and minimize deprivation. Blogs that focus on healthy eating by reducing caloric intake and eating better quality foods will offer you the best advice. Many of these blogs are also helpful because they may have recipes so you can fix similar meals that are more nutritious and lower in calories. If you choose to adopt a more stringent lifestyle, such as low or no carbs, you can try this later when you are more self-disciplined in your diet.

Keep Fitness Simple

Your ultimate goal might be running marathons or being a professional bodybuilder, but realistically, when you are a novice to exercise it is best to keep it simple. Some blogs focus on exercise plans that are easy to do in your home and with little or no exercise equipment. A good beginner's program will have modifications for people who have limited mobility or do not have the stamina to do complex workouts. As you become more consistent in working out, you can explore other forms of physical activity that will help you burn more calories, such as lifting weights, or engage in a more structured program with a specific sport or fitness goal in mind.

When you have significant weight loss goals, following blogs that are overwhelming may not be in your best interest. You should be realistic about the blogs you follow and feel like the information is geared toward people in your situation. You can check out blogs like Face & Bawdy for more information.


12 July 2019

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