Tips To Help Take Good Care Of Your Child's Teeth

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Your child is learning a lot from you, even if you aren't aware of some of the things they are learning from you. One of those things is how to take care of their own health, including their oral health. If you take care of your own teeth, there's a much better chance that your child is going to do the same as they get older. You should be setting a good example to your child of what good oral health is and how to take care of their teeth — this is something that starts at home. To help you take care of your child's teeth and set a good example, read on for some helpful information.

Begin At A Young Age

You need to begin taking care of your child's teeth at a very young age. As an infant, you need to be rubbing their gums with a washcloth to remove the buildup of bacteria and plaque. Allowing these things to sit on your infant's gums can lead to tooth decay on those baby teeth lying below the surface of their gums. You need to begin when your child is very young and continue to take care of their teeth when they begin to erupt. You should be brushing your child's teeth for them until about the age of 5.

Brush With Your Child

As your child gets older, you should brush with them so they can see just how it's done and so they can see that you feel it's important as well, not just that you're telling them to do something. This can help show your child how to actually brush their teeth and how long they should be brushing. It's also a good way to bond with your child and helps them see the responsibility of doing it themselves, not you brushing their teeth for them.

Take Your Child To The Dentist

You also need to be sure you are taking your child to the dentist beginning at a young age when their teeth first erupt to have them cleaned professionally. Your child needs to understand how important it is to have their teeth cleaned, which is something they will take into adulthood as well. You and your child should be going to the dentist for routine checkups and cleanings every 6 months.

Take good care of your child's teeth to show them how important doing so is for their oral health. Talk to local pediatric dental care services about other things you can do to take care of your child's teeth. 


15 March 2022

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